Reverend Michael Allison

Reverend Michael Allison

Flower Essence Practitioner


Reverend Michael Allison always knew he was destined to help those in need. Since he was little, he always knew he could rely on his intuition as his intuitive powers were always right. He has always been fascinated with energy healing, astrology, herbal medicine, and the supernatural and always wanted to do something with the gifts he was born with. But what? And when? It wasn’t until COVID-19 that Reverend Michael decided to change the course of his life.

He worked in the beauty industry for 20 years working for some of the largest brands in the world such as Chanel, La Prairie, Natura Bisse, and much more. Then COVID-19 swept the world and as we were all forced to isolate ourselves, Michael decided to study and change the direction of his life’s purpose.

Reverend Michael started mastering and obtaining certifications with Bach Flower Remedies and this cascaded into learning about flower essences from all over the world including the USA, (including Alaska & Hawaii), the UK, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and Chile. By learning about flower essence from all over the globe, Reverend Michael is now able to provide outstanding results for his clients. He even started his own company Prismatic Flower Essences LLC and merged his products with Ascension Healing Arts Center. He is also able to work with children and animals!

Reverend Michael studied and obtained certifications in many healing and wellness modalities such as Reiki, Life Coaching, Gemmotherapy, Crystal Healing, Ho’oponopono, and Crystal Reiki. He has many packages available for his services.

Healing Specializations by Reverend Michael Allison

Areas of Focus

  • Emotional Wellness & Support
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Emotional Release
  • Personal Growth


  • EarSeeds Academy 2023
  • Aroma Point Reiki Practitioner Certification to Waves Of Change Wellness with Angela Sidlo 2021
  • Gemmotherapy Practitioner with Lauren Hubele 2021
  • Crystal Healing Bodyworker at Evolve Healing Institute with Kate Montello
  • Reiki/Master Teacher Certification at Academy Of Energy Healing 2021
  • Ho’oponopono Practitioner from the Global Science Foundation 2021
  • Sound Touch Practitioner with Creativity Connection with Michele Gervais 2021
  • Holistic Flower Essence Therapy at the Essence Of Healing with Leonie Blackwell 2021
  • Advanced Floral Acupuncture Flora Corona with Deborah Craydon
  • Alaskan Essences Level 3 with Judith Polerands 2020
  • Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church 2021
  • Aromatherapy Certification from the Center Of Excellence 2020
  • Aroma Point Therapy Certification from Waves Of Change Wellness with Angela Sidlo 2020
  • Spirit In Nature Essences with Lila Devi 2020
  • Bach Flower Remedies with the Center Of Excellence 2020
  • Certified Life Coach with Transformational Academy 2020


  • Aroma Point Reiki: $100
  • Crystal Reiki $100
  • Aroma Point Therapy: $100
  • Sound Touch Therapy: $100
  • Crystal Healing: $100
  • Life Coaching: $100
  • Floral Acupuncture: $75
  • Floral Mapping Consultation: $75
  • Flower Essence Therapy Consultation: $75
  • EarSeeds Consultation: $75
  • Gemmotherapy Consultation: $75

Reverend Michael Allison uses the following Flower Essence Companies for his Custom Blends, Aura Sprays, and Body Creams:

  • Bach Flower Remedies™
  • Flower Essence Society™
  • Alaskan Essences™
  • Australian Bush Essences™
  • Living Essences Of Australia™
  • Flora Corona™
  • Living Light Essences™
  • Tree Frog Farm™
  • Desert Alchemy™
  • Spirit In Nature Essences™
  • Florais De Saint Germain™
  • Patagonia Essences™

Wellness Devices & Products

Schedule A healing Session

  • Due to limited availability, please contact Reverend Michael by calling 248-509-4329 or emailing him at Thank you!

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