Samantha Cardinas

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Samantha does Psychic readings, Reiki, Intuitive healing, Home and Business Energetic Cleansing and Spirit Removal Cleansing. Samantha is a generational psychic the gift running on both sides of her mothers family.  Born to do this work, Samantha is niece to Donna Lakes. Samantha grew up with spirit energy around her.  She looked to her Aunt to help from the spirit activity.  Donna then began training her in ghost whispering, cleansing houses and how to help to send spirits to the light.  She also had one on one training with Donna on developing her psychic skills. Years later after having a healing from another student of Donna’s, Samantha felt drawn to finally answer her calling as a psychic and healer.

She began to train in her Aunts Healer Program.  Samantha was a natural and excelled above all others.  She quickly began working with people. Her first client was a coma patient, who had extensive brain damage.  Samantha began to work o him and his recovery went much faster then expected.  His wife states in her latest update on how he has proven the doctors wrong so many times, surprising their limiting expectations.

Samantha is a exceptional psychic and healer.  As Donna has grown extremely busy with classes, workshops and her individual clients, she turns to Samantha sot help her meet the needs of so many drawn to healing work.  Samantha continues her education, with inner child healing and past life healing. Samantha’s Skills Include: Mediumship – communicating with those who have past Clairvoyance – ability to see spiritual Clairsentience – ability to feel intuitively Clairaudience and ability to channel – ability to hear spirit guides, angels and spirits who have past.


  • Healings $100.00 for hour and $60.00 for half hour
  • Readings $100.00 for hour and $60.00 for half hour
  • Reiki $100.00 for hour and $60.00 for half hour
  • Cleansing of home $100.00
  • Cleansing with spirit removal $150.00
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