Samantha mitchell

Samantha Mitchell


I am the fourth child of nine; I had previously struggled with verbal communication, learning, and managing my body consciousness.  As such, my mother had a unique way of resolving issues where she frowned upon doctor’s visits. Instead, my mother elected a more naturalistic approach to healing common ailments, to severe injuries through herbs, and other unorthodox methods of healing the body.  My mother continued to utilize various techniques for my learning deficiencies by enrolling me in supplemental educational programs offered by my school.  Independently and with the help of resources provided by the community, I improved my speech impediment. My written and verbal communication have also been refined, which has allowed learning to happen more naturally.  

Art and writing have been a coping mechanism, and a necessary tool that has allowed me to conquer some of these once difficult tasks.  As these ongoing struggles ensued in childhood, so were the difficulty in coping with an environment where resources were limited.  I was cultivated by my environment, where I could adapt to my perceived disadvantages.  Despite some of the unpleasantries experienced, I equate each happening as a learning opportunity to further expand one’s consciousness.  

As a result, I have placed a high value on education, art, and self-awareness; with these elements, I’ve obtained some success in life.  As such, my modalities of healing are congruent with expelling the creativity of each individual through artistic and educational means.  My goal is to help the collective consciousness reach their greatest potential and expand their awareness of self through healing facets of themselves. 

Areas of Focus

  • Self-Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Creativity/Skill Building
  • Education/ Systemic thinking (Families, Couples, Individuals, & Children)


  • AmeriCorps; Education/Reading Programs
  • Previously ACT/SAT Prep Instructor; Tutor
  • Residential Counselor/Foster Care Specialist
  • ABA Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • General Consultant


  • Bachelor's Psychology; Literature
  • Master's Marriage and Family Therapy; LLMFT
  • Enrolled in Second Bachelor's Premed/Neuroscience
  • Pending Licensure Patient Care Technician (EKG, Phlebotomy, CNA)

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