Sarah Cleaver

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  • B.A. in Psychology, Michigan State University

  • Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Donna Lakes School of Ascension Healer Program

  • Apprenticeship Program with Astrologer Adam Sommer

  • Continuing education in herbal medicine, nutrition, astrology, psychology and energetic healing


  • Introductory Reading 75 minutes $120

  • Chart Reading 60 minutes $100

    • 3 reading package $250

  • Mini Reading 30 minutes $60

  • Phone Reading 30 minutes $50

  • Phone Reading 60 minutes $90

We go to great heights by going to our greatest depths. When we begin to ascend, this can also take us into deep places. By understanding the cosmic influences, we see what is above and without, and then we can begin to make sense of what is below and within. We can heal and grow through compassionate curiosity when astrology is used ethically and responsibly to dive deep into our dark places and shine light. This is where we can see the contrast which helps to facilitate growth. Astrology is a valuable tool for self exploration, and with an open mind we can follow its lead and come home to ourselves.

Sarah has always been driven to understand the story of others as well as her own. An explorer of mystic realms from an early age, her imagination and connection to the dream world left her always asking questions about the truths of the universe and ourselves as beings having a human experience. Her interest in the human psyche led her to study psychology. Realizing that the path toward solutions involved a holistic approach, she furthered her education in the field of nutrition. From there she spent more than a decade in the health and wellness industry, helping many find ways to improve their state of well being.

As Sarah’s own life brought difficulty and confusion, it was undeniable that old stories were no longer serving her. She realized that the patterns and beliefs that have been shaped by our human experiences were what unconsciously held us back from the abundance that Source is waiting for us to receive. This path led her to discover the powerful tool of astrology, which she sees as a gift as well as a calling. Guided by the energies and stories that the planetary bodies contain, she realized the power in exploring ourselves through the cosmos, and it’s ability to

encourage self exploration and discovery. Through understanding our own unique imprint on the universe, we can observe ourselves with honesty, curiosity, and compassion. Her intention is to guide others to step into their power in order to manifest their best lives possible.

My mission is to help others understand and bring language to their story. I am passionate about guiding my clients through their experiences, both past and present, in order to aid them to step into their power and ability to fulfill their soul’s purpose. By combining astrology with other healing modalities, it is my hope to create a sacred space where healing and growth can take place.


  • In person readings

    • $60 for 30 minutes

    • $100-$120 for hour+

  • Phone appointments

    • $50 for 30 minutes

    • $90 for 60 minutes

  • Classes $30-$50 for 90 minutes+

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