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Tammy G

Tammy grew up not knowing she had any type of ‘special gift’. All she knew was she had deep compassion and love for those around her. She even felt others deep sadness, their happiness and joy and even people’s frustrations. She was a sensitive child and even still to this day. Now commonly called an empath.  

Tammy grew up in an old farm house built in 1863. She began to experience little things that would cause her to feel déjá vu and questioned if she really sensed, saw, heard, or smelled something. Her family thought she was going crazy at times. She would hear old style music coming from her bedroom window, plastic shopping bags would just crinkle on their own right in front of her. She would hear footsteps in the hallway right outside of her bedroom door. Tammy, not knowing what was going on, expressed her concerns to her family. They didn’t believe her at first, until they began to experience similar situations.

As the years went on, Tammy could sense things that had already happened or things that were going to happen. Saying congratulations to a girlfriend that was pregnant but hadn’t yet told anyone. Tammy knew someone had told her that her friend was pregnant 2 months prior, only to find out that is when she conceived. Telling her sister-in-law she was going to be pregnant in the next month and was wondering what she was going to do with ‘them’! Yes, her sister-in-law was pregnant 3 weeks later with twins. More and more of these incidence occurred.

Some of her experiences were traumatizing as she thought it was a curse from God. Finally, she began to see how it could be used to help people, she decided to turn her ‘so called’ gift around to help other people. After all, that is all she wanted to do in life, was to help people and put a smile on their face. This also encouraged her to go on her own healing journey from past trauma.

Tammy then began doing readings for her friends, family, and friends of friends. Working with Gold Star Family members, individuals that have lost their loved ones whether it be through natural causes, illness, accidents or suicide. Tammy has an incredible ability to channel specific loved ones and spirits that have passed, along with using her psychic abilities to further the individuals experience for guidance. She brought much healing to those that weren’t able to have closure or for those that just need to hear from their loved one.

For many years, Tammy had her own ups and downs with her health, not just physically, but mentally as well. Tammy had lost her sense of life’s purpose. Dealing with childhood sexual abuse, depression, an abusive marriage, anxiety and rape, she sought professional help for over 30 years. After years of constant medical doctors appointments and continuous medical illness/issues, she began taking multiple mind body workshops and experimenting various holistic therapies. She learned that she could heal most of her issues through meditation along with her own mind and energy by forming new nerve pathways in her brain and throughout her body. After realizing she couldn’t be helped by Western Medicine, she decided to attend Ascension Healing Arts Center’s Healing Program, re-learning how to love herself, how to truly forgive, be in her own power, and heal her inner soul.

While going through The Healing Program and working on her inner herself, she experienced a very deep spiritual awakening or enlightenment. The Divine had come to her and said what she was experiencing was a miracle and the abused and traumatized little girl in her had been freed and totally healed. Tammy expressed deep love for her friends and loved ones, naming them by name and expressing her love and appreciation for each. Each of her late loved ones, including her Dad, her Grandparents, her Aunts and Uncles, and some of her friends all came down from Heaven to visit. Once again, God stating this was a true miracle and she needed to spread His word.

Right after her highly emotional spiritual episode, she amazingly felt free in life. She no longer felt buried by trauma, no PTSD, no depression, no anxiety, and no unsettledness. Tammy found her life purpose, she experienced deep love for all the people in this world, she had more love than she knew what to do with. Deep compassion for those suffering, total peace within herself and free of life’s worries. Truly, an experience she will always remember.

This monumental spiritual experience has lead her to explore spirituality at a deeper level. Enhancing her connection with the Divine, the Angels, and with those that have passed on in the Heavenly realms. Tammy will help you connect with your loved one by being a conduit bringing Heaven to Earth. She can help you overcome shame, blame, guilt, or share wonderful message from Guardian Angels, Angels, loved ones, relatives and friends.

Healing Specializations

  • Psychic Mediumship
  • Spiritualist
  • Certified Reiki Healing

Areas of Focus

  • Trauma, Conflict, Pain
  • Self Healing
  • Inner Soul Healing

Education and Experience

  • Donna Lake’s Ascension Healer Program
  • Unlearn Your Pain by Dr. Howard Schubiner
  • 25 years of Psychic Mediumship/Spiritualist
  • Associates Degree from Washtenaw Community College
  • Michigan State University
  • Eastern Michigan University Business School


  • $60: 30-minute session
  • $120:1 hour session
  • $140: 1.5 hour session

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  • Evelyn
    Posted November 14, 2022 at 3:36 PM

    Hi Tammy,
    Do you do in-person sessions. Please let me know. Thanks!

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