Tiffany Baker

Tiffany is an Intuitive and Esoteric Astrologer, with the focus of her readings on finding the Soul’s plan for evolution and karmic balance within this lifetime. She has always felt a strong connection to the energy of the mass consciousness, the Earth, and the Stars. As a child she found herself drawn to nature and the sky, and she spent much of her time talking to trees, collecting stones, reading every book she could, observing people, and wondering how this is all connected to each other. 

With a strong passion to understand herself and her purpose within this lifetime, as well as to help others become aware that they have a great purpose for this life, Tiffany became drawn to studying the human body, energy, and Astrology at an early age. At first this manifested as mostly a love for physical health and the human body, with fitness being a positive outlet for the energy she absorbed from the world around her. She became a certified health coach and personal trainer, and while this provided a way to positively connect with and help others, she also realized that wellness was deeper and more complex. 

This led her to further explore the energetic aspects of the world, with focus on chakras, dreams, and astrology. She found that when she broke down her birth chart, she didn’t only find the natural qualities of her Aries Sun and other planetary placements, but also a beautifully complex plan full of the potential to release negative karma and raise her vibration, which allowed her to feel more alignment with her purpose and thus a higher level of peace and wellness. As her research and interest gained more depth, she started to read other people’s charts and found that they too experienced the information to be very accurate on a surface level, and also create additional understanding of their purpose within this lifetime. Essentially, it gave them an objective view that opened their mind to why they might possibly have some behaviors, experiences, and lessons, as well as solutions to create balance. This made her realize what a positive tool Astrology can be to balancing karma, aligning people with their higher self, and ascending the energy of our mass consciousness. Motivating her to share this tool with the World! From then on she intuitively read every person’s chart she felt drawn to and connected with thousands of people, teaching them about the imprint of the sky at the time of their birth, seeing their minds open beyond the physical experience, and opening herself to understanding the various paths that humans carry and the beautiful purpose within our existence. 

Services offered

All of my readings include a written version to keep, so that you can go back and deepen your understanding on certain points as you feel intuitively drawn, as some of this information may take time to set in. I will also provide an email where you can contact me to ask any questions about your chart.                                                   

NOTE: It is necessary to have your exact birth information to get an accurate reading. This includes your birth date, time, and location. 



*In person readings include a further discussion and breakdown of all this information, as well as allows you to ask questions, use your intuition, and increase the value of the overall reading. 

My hours of availability are 


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