As we move through the process of ascension, we inevitably will go through the dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul is a time of facing our shadow side or dysfunctional self, the parts of us we don’t enjoy.

Many people run away from their issues and avoid them. We are taught to escape or to hide these parts with shame and guilt. I say embrace them! What I have learned from my own ascension process and from helping to guide so many, is that those parts of you are good. We are taught black and white, good and bad. The fact is, there is good and bad in everything, every person and every situation. It’s all about how you spin it! It is all perception. One of the biggest parts of the ascension process is changing how we perceive and believe. Our thoughts and beliefs are key to ascending. They affect our vibration. You can tell how far someone has ascended by how they focus and how they treat and handle situations. Do they find the gift in a situation, even what we would deem a tragedy, or do they allow for perceptions of limiting or dooming perceptions to hold them back? Can they see the light in what we were taught to see as darkness?

As we sift through the dark night and as you are in the dark night you will feel lost, alone, stuck, uncomfortable, and even hopeless at times. You may feel you are in your own personal hell and not helpable. Nothing that used to work for you will work. You will feel you don’t even know who you are, completely lost from your former self. You will miss what you once were. It was familiar and comfortable. But please realize that you are just in the process of letting go of what no longer serves you. You will have to come into surrender and acceptance. You will most likely wear yourself out fighting it, grabbing onto your old ways – the old you. It is no use, this will only prolong the process. Just reassure yourself it’s okay to be in chaos and that it is a process that is only temporary. Work on acceptance, surrender to the process and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. Thank your old habits, issues, and defense mechanisms for the serving you. Be proud of yourself for surviving this crazy world of limited duality. For duality will slowly slip away as your mind opens up to a new story. We all have a story and as we ascend we create a new relationship with ourselves. The inner universe creates our outer universe, the game of life. It’s like we are moving up a level on a video game.

So, the dark night is a journey we take alone, no one can do it for us. However, there is support along the way. Remember even though it feels as though you are being punished or thrown around by life, this is not the case. We are like coal, having pressure put on us and we are going through the alchemical process. We are coal transforming into diamonds. We are straw being weaved into gold.

I hope this helps many of you on your journey.  Remember to surrender and allow. That will make it easier. Reassure yourself – this too will pass. This is a new season. You are in the winter of your soul – the death of your ego. It’s normal to struggle as you step into acceptance of your shadow-self, make peace and set it free to be transformed.

I write music and most of our songs are about this process to help encourage you and inspire you and let yourself be understood as you embark upon this adventure. As soon as we have a decent recording I will share my songs with you.

My parting words are, “it’s all okay.” Grieve your old self and know that in your loss you will find a new you, a more peaceful spirit filled with truth and love. You will be happy again! Even happier than before. It is just another death and rebirthing process in nature. We are forever evolving.  Don’t fight it! Embrace it and your ride will be just a bit smoother.

Peace and blessings,

Donna Lakes
Learning A New Way of Being

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    1. I agree! I was at the end of everything this morning but as the day wore on I began to see things more clearly. The negative feelings wore off. I felt divine intervention and my twin flames energy and feel much better. Nothing lasts
      Forever ♥️

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