People wonder why there is such crazy weather. The weather is manifested just like anything else. We are all going through so much change and so many adjustments these days. Just as the planets effect us, so do we the weather. We need time to go in and look at ourselves and to process. Enjoy the opportunity! Make the most of it. Embrace what comes along our path. There is always reasons for everything, whether it be crazy weather, tragedy, or a joyful happening. Such is life. You can sit around and whine about it or you can embrace it, learn from it, grow from it! Always remember the law of attraction is always in order, whether you are consciously or unconsciously creating. So be aware of complaining and what that might create.

Recently one of my friends lost her job. All she did was complain and complain on facebook about her job. Hmmmm, now that is powerful manifesting. You can either choose to find a way to appreciate and focus on the good, or you can complain and be miserable. If you desire a new job for example, be grateful and ask the universe for a new opportunity, but not without gratitude for the old opportunity. As you are waiting for the new one, make the best of the current one. Complaining only keeps you miserable and in a miserable place! And the same goes for the weather!

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