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The Ascension Healing Arts Center is dedicated to helping people heal on all levels-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We only use natural medicine and holistic techniques. We have on site experts who provide services including energy healing, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, reiki, yoga, psychic readings, energy healings, astrology readings, and more. In addition to their unique skills and abilities, all staff members specialize in ascension healing.

What is Ascension?

Ascension Healing is a form of consciousness healing. We help shift consciousness by changing beliefs and patterns which are limiting or no longer serving. We offer house calls, distance healings, readings, and spiritual counseling by phone or Skype. Workshops, classes, and healer programs can be taken via video or phone conference. Pre-recorded workshops and meditations are also available.

Rules For Entry:

  • If you are feeling unwell please stay home and join us on zoom.
  • Masks are required at all times while in the center, including during practice/class.
  • Temperature will be taken upon entry.
  • Please respect 6ft distance.
  • Please use hand sanitizer provided before and after class.
  • Bring your own props.
Our Team

Meet Our Team

Donna Lakes Ascension Healer Spiritual Coach Metro Detroit
Donna Lakes
Consciousness Coach
Katie Sass
Intuitive Healer / Reiki Healer / Spiritual Coach / Head of Children's Programming / Mediumship / Inner Child Healing / Womb Healing / Cosmic Disc Healing and Past Life Healings
Marjorie Wekwert
Marjorie Wekwert
Reiki Healer / Intuitive Healer / Earth Healer / Inner Child and Womb Healer
Heather Durrant
Intuitive Healer / Reiki Healer / Sound Healer / Ascension Healer / Inner Child and Past Life Healer
Michael Allison
Energy Healer | Life Coach | Flower Essence Practitioner | Aroma Point Therapy | Aroma Point Reiki | Ho'oponopono Practitioner | Reiki Master | Crystal Healer, Sound Touch Practitioner | Floral Acupuncture | Michael's Signature Treatment
Justin Phipps Healer
Justin Phipps
Myomassologist | Reiki practitioner | Mover of Dense Energy | Sound therapy practitioner | Gong enthusiast
Claire Nowinski - Energy Healer
Claire Nowinski
Healer | Intuitive Reader | Reiki Practitioner

what people say about us

For the past 7 months I have navigated a particularly challenging phase of my life. Throughout all of it Katie has been an awesome help! Her gifts and wisdom have kept me accountable to myself, guided my work through my stuck energy spots, cleared out old and unnecessary energies that don’t belong to me, identified places that need healing and support. The energy healing she has performed along with the suggestions and meditation/ritual assignments have helped me regain physical energy I can actually notice. I am sleeping better, procrastinating less, smiling more, remembering to drink more water, paying closer attention to stretching and moving. I’m not nearly as scattered, frustrated, or stressed out. The results I receive from Katie’s generous sharing of her gifts have been profound. Thank you so much!! I can’t recommend her enough. 
Jessica Riley

I have never experienced such a caring, supportive individual in the health care profession as I have with Andrea! Thank you so much!


I completed Donna’s two-part combined Reiki 1 and 2 class long-distance, from another state. I could not tune into the first installment at all, so Donna made sure to video the entire session so that I could catch up prior to the second installment. She also emailed me the accompanying manual so that I could follow along with no confusion.

When it came time for the second installment, Donna FaceTimed me, and it was so much fun to feel as if I was really in her living room with her and my fellow students! She made sure to address me directly every now and again and make sure I didn’t have questions or to ask if I may have a thought to contribute. The fact I was long-distance actually worked very well when it came time to practice distance healing on classmates.   

I would definitely complete another of Donna’s classes long-distance as well as recommend others to give that route a shot: No excuses!  


*Everyone has their own unique experiences, no medical guarantees.

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