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Natural Energy Healing

Natural Energy Healing by the Ascension Healing Arts Center is dedicated to helping people heal on all levels-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We only use natural medicine and holistic techniques. We have on-site experts who provide services including Ascension Healing, Reiki Workshops, Zoom Classes, Herbal Remedies, Dismantling Beliefs, Rewiring Beliefs, Chakra Healing, Shadow Work, Akashic Records, Long Distance Reiki, Spiritualist, Singing Bowls, Space Clearing, House Blessing, Ancestral Healing, Forgiveness Healing, DNA Activation Healing, and more. In addition to their unique skills and abilities, all staff members specialize in ascension healing.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is an evolutionary process of consciousness, where one transforms into a higher state of consciousness or way of perceiving and being.

It’s death and rebirthing of the awareness and one’s power of self-being.

It is a path towards self-realization and stepping into one’s authentic self.

It is a dismantling of the current state of learned societal behaviors and disempowering beliefs and patterns, a releasing process.

Where one rewires one’s energy and brain to hold more empowering beliefs and therefore vibrate at a higher level of consciousness.

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I had an amazing experience at Ascension Healing Arts Center. I was eager to learn Reiki and I had a wonderful experience with Donna. She has endless knowledge and experience with Reiki and alternative healing. I would highly recommend coming to Ascension for a class or a reiki session! I look forward to taking Reiki 3/4 next month as well.

I had a wonderful Medium experience with Tammy G. She was able to give insight about loved ones that had passed and brought me peace and comfort. Her session was very detailed and informative. Thank you, Tammy, for a wonderful experience.

I have been working with Michael Allison for some time, and the results have been amazing. He has incredible intuition when it comes to my family. Even when I seem to babble endlessly during our consultation, his feedback makes me feel so grounded and understood. Taking the essence he has made for us makes such a positive difference in our lives. I’m in love with his packaging, it feels so special to have handwritten labels and know how much kindness and care he puts into his work. We are living in a time when we need great healers, and Michael is truly one of them.

I employed Justin P. for an important house clearing after some disruptive tenants.  He was able to use his many skills to restore equilibrium to my house and I can report that months later things have continued to stay in that improved state.  I highly recommend his services!

My session with Tammy G. was one of the most profound healing experiences I’ve had to date. Tammy beautifully held space for a sacred conversation and a release of what was standing in the way of love and peace. This session has had lasting positive impacts on my life and I truly feel connected to my Mom in new powerful and joyful ways. Thank you for the chance to experience your gifts at work.

I have had two intuitive healing sessions with Katie Sass. She is incredibly gifted and kind.  Katie helped me release a childhood pattern completely and she also helped me to recalibrate this pattern in a positive way.  I am very grateful to her and Donna Lakes for all of the help that they have given me in the past year. Both Donna and Katie are intuitive and guided and have helped me greatly. I highly recommend this center.

Go see Katie! She is friendly, makes you feel immediately comfortable, and is extremely positive/uplifting. I appreciated how she explained everything during my appointment and was amazed at how she hit things spot on for me. Awesome experience!

*Everyone has their own unique experiences, no medical guarantees.

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