It’s Summertime! GET OUTSIDE while it’s nice! One of the best ways to clear and reboot your energy is spending time in the fresh air in nature! All the elements can cleanse your energy! Getting out into the fresh air can bring a new perspective. It’s good for your lungs and your body also. Wind – stand in the wind, ask it to release any energies that no longer serve you. But keep in mind darkness is in service to the light. The darkness is what grabs our attention and urges us to create change and we can utilize it as long as we are awakened and aware. We are always in charge- what we vibrate at we create. If we fear darkness will cause harm, we are almost giving it permission to do so. Instead thank it and send it on its way.

The smoke from fire or the flames itself can assist us in energy cleansing. Using sage or Palo Santo and other herbs has long been used in what we call smudging ceremonies. Smudging ceremonies are the burning of herbs to cleanse and clear energy or in prayer or spells to create or bring about certain things or events, and blessings! Frankincense or other essential oils, or incenses are used to create blessings and bring in good positive energy.

Often water, particularly saltwater, has been used to detox the body and the energy of an individual. The holy water was blessed by the church. It was used to create blessings or anointing the drinking water prayed over by monks! Reiki practitioners have been known to bless drinking water! A shower can not only wash off the dirt, but it can wash off the energy of the day. The rain can wash away energy and create a purified state with the ions in the water.

As healers, we often give energy to the Earth to transmute! Many elements of the Earth are used in ceremony. Salt added to water to clean our bodies and crystals- creating a detox effect both on our physical level and on our energetic field or aura. Crystals themselves are used for their various meanings and different unique properties. For example, smoky quarts are used for grounding and protecting our energy.

Take the time to lay under the stars at night! Lay in the grass and identify the shapes and designs out of the clouds! Go swim in our Great Lakes or in the smaller inland lakes. If you have never been to Michigan you are in for a treat. I encourage you to get out and smell the flowers! Natures is the best medicine whether we use herbs for healing or play in nature to feed our souls. Nature is the best way to heal, cleanse, relax, play, recharge and reboot. Enjoy the summer while we have it. It tends to fly by, so take advantage of it. Use nature as a healing tool. There is healing and cleansing in every one of the Earth’s elements! Let nature be your tool to help manage your energy or to create healing!

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