Power vs. Domination

Power vs. Force

Power vs. Control

Power vs. Bullying

Power is an interesting thing. I think we need to redefine power. I think power is misunderstood. I feel that a huge lesson we are having as a collective is learning about how to be in our power and how to avoid and stop giving away our power. For centuries power has been defined by dominance (having power over someone). Control over not just individuals but large amounts of people.

False power has worked on the masses for thousands of years. That is all changing now. We are discovering our true power and how to remain in our power state and how to call our power back when we lose it. As we learn about our power we will be challenged, for the way we learn is first by observing the patterns we have around power, both false and real. As we observe ourselves we will be falling in and out of our true power and at times giving away our power. These lessons are painful yet well needed to learn and grow into our true power.

Come join me this fall for a workshop that I will be doing regarding Power vs. Dominance.

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