Butterfly Aura Spray

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  • A deep and powerful representation of transformation and life itself, butterflies are beautiful and mysterious symbolizing spiritual rebirth, change, hope, and ascension from earthbound to the spiritual planes
  • This light-scented blend is made with flower essences and has an uplifting and playful aroma of floral notes with a touch of sandalwood for a delightful aroma.
  • This gorgeous formula can be used to lighten the mood in a space or can be worn as a fragrance.


  • Grain Alcohol 151 proof, distilled water, essential oil blend, flower essence blend.


2 reviews for Butterfly Aura Spray

  1. Michael

    This aura spray always lifts my mood!

  2. Mallory

    If your a scent person like me these are the best. Each spray has a unique quality that is for every moment of life. I love each and every spray. The blue lotus clears any negative energy away. I always use it when I feel off or when I’ve been around too much of others energy to get me feeling back on track. Not only do they smell great, they help you!

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