Mercury Retrogrades: Understanding Potential AUDIO DOWNLOAD




Most of us have heard of Mercury retrogrades causing chaos, and many of us have felt it. There’s no denying that this planet lives up to his reputation as the The Trickster, but there’s more to him than being mischievous. We can see areas of potential where energies can be worked with when we understand and anticipate his movements.

Through getting to know this planet, we begin to see where we can shape our own story. In order to have this type of insight it is helpful to know his. We will explore Mercury’s other sides, what he’s communicating with us, and how we can call upon the energies of where he’s transiting.

In this class you will learn:

  • What a retrograde is and how to visualize it

  • The mythology of Hermes, the god associated with Mercury

  • An overview of what Mercury means through the houses

  • How to work with retrograde energies

  • A review of Mercury’s last retrograde in Pisces, and predictions for the upcoming retrograde in Cancer


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