This is a session in which the therapist places you in an altered state in order to help you communicate with your inner child. Together you will work through issues in order to release life patterns caused by traumas and circumstances. After the issue is worked through, the therapist will then help you integrate the newly healed aspect of yourself into the present.

Inner Child HealingYou will also learn how to nurture your inner child and learn exercises to support that aspect of yourself; this promotes healing and establishes a relationship with yourself on a very intimate level.

In an Inner Child Healing session a healer will be doing A Reiki Healing.  They will put you into an altered state to communicate with younger aspects of yourself to find out when an unhealthy pattern started and why or when a certain belief started, that is some how holding them back in life in present day situations. Most of our beliefs are formed before the time we are 7 years old, for our personalities are formed by the age of 7.  We learn some of our beliefs socially or we adopt them from our parents or others who of influence on us and others are formed from experiences that actually occurred. At such a young age we are not mature enough to understand things outside of ourselves, for a child takes things on that happen around them as if they are part of it, even if they are not.  For example when parents get divorced or are stressed or unhappy for some reason, the child will think that it is because of them.  They are unable to separate themselves from the situation. They will think they did something to cause it, blame themselves in some way. We all need inner child healing whether we have experienced a trauma in childhood or not!!

A Healer will then work to disprove this misinterpreted belief, so that they can now see things from a different perspective and start to believe differently. For example if a person has abandonment issues from a parent leaving from a divorce, or death or other circumstances then a healer can channel the truth about why the parent left and that it had nothing to do with the them and the person can then learn to see things differently and stop believing that they were abandoned. This is one way in which a healer can use their intuition skills to help in a healing. She can identify the patterns or beliefs people hold onto in their subconscious and see into the past and present of why people are behaving the way they do or did, in order to help their client have peace and understanding and sometimes even forgiveness of others and self. This is just one simple example of many, many patterns and beliefs. So if you believe you were abandoned, you will perceive situations as abandonment and attract situations that look like abandonment, by the law of attraction.