An intuitive healing is a very powerful intuitive health reading session in which the healer is running energy through the body. The energy is used to create balance in the body and mind to promote healing on all levels – mental, emotional and spiritual. The first session is usually a reading and a healing combined.

As the therapist is running energy they will also read and identify the energetic blocks. The therapist will ask the spiritual guides what the best approach is to assist you in healing. The therapist may receive information on herbs, essential oils, medications, psychological belief systems, nutrition, inner child distress, past life issues, etc. The therapist may also receive information and advice on careers, relationships, family issues and physical issues; anything that is relevant in your life . The therapist is completely guided during these sessions and may be guided to use integration therapy, past life regression, inner child, healing visual meditations. During these sessions the therapist will only act for the highest good of the client. They will address all of the issues that present themselves during the session. Intuitive healings are the fastest way to heal and to move forward in your life.

You may need multiple sessions to heal multiple issues or deep trauma, people that have been very open in the past have been able to heal multiple issues in one session, everyone is different. Just be as open as is comfortable and miracles can happen.