Cheryl Rich

Cheryl Rich has had a lifetime of “knowing” people by their energy. Raised by a mother and grandmother who were innately intuitive she is no stranger to spirit and sensing what’s going on with the people around her.

She has a gift for listening and everyone from family, friends and co-workers to random strangers tell her their story. Cheryl feels this is a gift from God and part of her life’s journey to hold space for others. However, she wanted to be able to do something more than just listen to help those in need of healing their emotional wounds.

While in her 20’s, a psychic reader told Cheryl she had the ability to be a “healer with your hands”. She dismissed this as out of the realm of possibility but it planted the seed. Over time and after reading many books on energy and healing, she decided it was time to open up her spiritual gifts and pursue energy healing as had been suggested many years before.
Not really knowing how to proceed, she found Donna Lakes and Ascension Healing Arts through an event posting on Facebook.

After taking the “How to Manage Your Energy” class, Cheryl knew she had found her way forward. She quickly took the Reiki classes offered at the Center and then wanting to go further, enrolled in the year-long healer program. She learned to open herself to channeling universal energy and acknowledged and harnessed her ability to use this energy to help others.
She is currently a student teacher in a class of new healers and is grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward and support the students on their healing journey.

Specializing in: Anxiety, Depression, Energetic Grounding Issues, Empathic Issues, Energy Stabilization, Energetic Boundaries, Body Image Issues and Chakra clearing and grounding.

Reiki Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Intuitive Healing
Intuitive Readings
Spiritual Life Coaching


  • 90 Min  $110
  • One Hour  $75
  • 30 Min   $40

Intuitive Healing One Hour  $100

  • Earth Healing
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Energetic Grounding
  • Womb Healing

Spiritual Coaching (Life/Job Changes)

  • One Hour $100
  •  30 Min $60

$100 per hour $80/hour for students. Sliding fee scale can be arranged if financially affected by COVID-19, please request when making appointment. Extension 704

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