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Ascension healing arts center

Mallory Deaton


I have been attracted to the spiritual world since I was a young child. I have always been able to sense and feel the energy and emotions of others around me. Helping me understand and be empathetic to those I am in contact with. Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by all spiritual and religious practices and have been reading about them since a very young age. Learning and merging certain aspects of each into my everyday life.

Once I was older and more established in my career, I wanted to carry on with my spiritual healing journey. On that journey, I started diving deeper into different parts of the spiritual and energetic world. Joining the Ascension Energy healer program helped set me on a path I never knew I would be led to.

This is where I started to learn more and more about Aura and its importance in our energetic world. I was intrigued by all the different colors and how many ones could have. Not to mention the various meanings for each shade. Learning about holes and weak points in our auras and how to heal them so that our physical bodies can benefit as well.

I believe it is essential to take care of our mental, spiritual, and emotional well beings just as much as our physical. We use our Aura and energy to shield us from so much we cannot see that it’s easy to forget it is there. Getting our Auras healthy and strong greatly benefits our spiritual health. Doing so can help us lift the vibrations higher in everyday life to attract the positive energy we all love to receive.

Here at Ascension, I provide the ability for the everyday person to take a peek at their auras and some energetic measurements that are not thought about every day. Seeing the colors and strength and learning about what each color means is exciting to see and learn about, as you may have never realized some things about yourself before. Chakra, too, is measured in this. Knowing if your chakras are blocked are too open can help explain some everyday things that might surprise you. Feeling tired, low energy, all over the place? Your root chakra may be closed, so many simple fixes, such as meditation, can help fix that. With the Aura camera and measuring tools, I can capture the Aura’s of our furry friends, as they, of course (along with everything else on this planet) have Aura’s too!

I look forward to helping you understand your Aura, and chakras to help you get back on track energetically.

Areas of Focus

  • Simple Pet Aura Reading
  • Simple Aura Reading
  • Intuitive Aura Reading
  • Couples Aura Readings
  • Aura Healing

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