Natalie Kershaw

Natalie has always been intuitive and able to speak with the spiritual realm.  Seeing images Clairvoyance, knowing things Claircognizance and feeling things Clairsentience provided a confusing childhood.  Growing up in a strict religious home this behavior was deeply discouraged, causing more confusion and shame. She always knew from a small age that she was supposed to be a healer. So, she began working in the medical field ultimately becoming a nurse. Arriving in her thirties she knew she needed to make changes, connecting to the spiritual realm and banishing wrong beliefs, identities and negativity in her life. She however ignored this advice until she was no longer able to do so when an illness ultimately stopped everything. This however became the best scenario for her and  she cherishes the fact that it did happen.

Starting her life over she began doing studies on her own and then ultimately finding The Managing your Energy Program through Ascension Healing Arts through a Facebook ad. Taking that class opened her eyes to what she was missing and that night she decided she was going to do the Healer Program.

Natalie currently student teaches in the healer program encouraging other students to explore their gifts, to be self loving and surrender to the Universe with abandon.

Natalie is also studying Metaphysical Counseling at the University of Metaphysics  and is hoping to obtain her doctorate. Further helping others give up what is no longer serving them and build a positive relationship with the Universe.

Services provided Intuitive Healing, Inner Child Healing, Channelling, Mediumship, Oracle Reading and Reiki.

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