For the most part in our society we are taught to avoid pain and that pain is a bad thing. Once again, we need to change our perceptions. For this view disempowers us and causes us to avoid our pain. Pain is a necessary aspect to life, there is no need to fear it. We must learn to embrace it and work through it. Pain is a teacher; it grows us if we don’t avoid it. Instead learn to step into it. Pain is a transformer, as long as we face it.

Think about it this way- spirit told me…If you didn’t experience pain, when you touched a hot stove your hand would melt off. Pain sends a signal to the brain creating a response to pull your hand away. So, pain can issue a warning of sorts, a warning to protect yourself. Pain can also grow you. As we face our pain we expand and step into our power. It creates strength in us. When we face a situation we are guaranteed to grow, evolve, move past and overcome. Once we deal with it, a person or situation, it lifts our energy and creates a sense of freedom, unless we give our power away. If we avoid we stay stuck and heavy and repeat the pattern causing more and more frustration and discomfort creating a constant state of pain. If we face it and walk through the pain we are freed from the pattern, the person and the pain subsides or goes away.

Pain is opportunity to transform. When we experience pain it is due to perceptions, often something we took personally. We have a choice to take something personal or not! It truly is a choice for nothing is ever personal. For how someone treats us is not a reflection on us but a reflection on the involver’s inner world based on their perceptions and experiences. Practice the art of going through the pain to the other side and see where it leads you. Walk through the fire, you shall find your smile on the other side.

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